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The Immigration Law

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Since immigration law is changing, each case requires a flexible approach. It seems that many types of visas are available. However, meeting their requirements may take a long time and does not always lead to the expected result.

Before you fill out an immigration application, you should consult a lawyer who can properly assess your situation. Applying for an immigration benefit does not mean only filling out some forms. You also need to provide certain documents to meet the requirements of the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service). These requirements change almost every year. For instance, an application to extend a tourist visa requires now many documents to prove the person’s intent to go back to his country at the end of the extension period.

An immigration lawyer must assess not only the basis for a visa or permanent residence but also any event that may hinder the process. For instance, marriage with an American citizen establishes a basis for permanent residence. However, if a person stayed illegally in the United States for more than one year and departed from the United States, then he needs a waiver from the USCIS in order to get the permanent residence. Unless he obtains the waiver, he needs to live ten years outside the United States.

Our office provides assistance in the following situations:

  • Applications for visas
  • Applications for visa extensions
  • Applications for permanent residence (“green card”)
  • Applications for waivers
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